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LAT IC-200 MKII - Analogue Interconnect
LAT IC-200 MKII - Analogue Interconnect

Price shown is for 0.75m standard length pair. For other lengths and connectors please select from options. Deep Cryo Treated

Ultra High-End Audio Interconnect Our second from the top of the line beats out all others in this price range. Best way to confirm this is to see customer reviews at audioreview Altho similar to the lower priced IC-100 MK II interconnect, the main difference betwee the two is the IC-200 MK II has multiple Inner conductors; four woven in a Star Quad configuration rather than only Two. (The Star Quad configuration provides for Common Mode Rejection) The IC-200 MK II uses our proprietary Silverfuse conductors, solid core and individually insulated with FEP Teflon; one of the best insulations available. We have developed a shielding system that is completely independent of the signal carrying conductors. This ensures that no RF or EMI gets into the signal dead quiet background. We have also included a heavy-duty outer jacket to protect the interior and to also prevent against sharp bending of the cable. We have found that cables that do not have this additional protection, if bent too sharply, can be susceptible to sustaining small fissures (cracks) in the conductor which, over a period of time; degrade the performance of the cable. This is one of the reasons that used cable gets into the used cable market. Performance has deteriorated and usually the former owner does not realize why. This is especially true of cables that use a mesh cloth as their only outer protection. (Mesh cloth outer coverings are a sign of a hand made cable. See our Cable Hype page concerning the problems with hand made cables).

Destination End Connector:
Source End Connector:
Email Friend List Price: 165.00
Price: 140.00

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All LAT cables (except the USB cable) are Cryo Treated.

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